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AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE? Irritable Bowel (IBS) Rheumatoid Arthritis Celiac Disease Lupus Grave’s Disease Type 1 Diabetes Fibromyalgia Hashimoto’s Psoriasis FREE DINNER SEMINAR will reveal the likely reasons why you still suffer with “CHRONIC symptoms” despite CONVENTIONAL treatment with drugs. Coco’s Bakery Restaurant 20413 Hesperian Blvd. - Hayward Wednesday, October 2nd, 6:00 pm Please RSVP to (510) 818-1668 or (925) 999-8806 “Call Now”- Seating is Limited - Adults only • Discover the underlying triggers of your autoimmune condition. • Learn how to “Turn off” the attacks. • Identify common foods that cause flare-ups. • Understand why “Drugs” only address the symptoms • Finally, a holistic approach to allow you to live again! Hi my name is Mary, I've been coming to Dr. Duong since July I came to this office because I was in very bad and desperate for help. I couldn't walk I was in so much pain in my legs. I went to my regular doctor they didn't know they didn't do any comprehensive tests. Then one morning I saw Duong's Newspaper article so I decided to call. I called the office and was seen the next day. I filled out paper work where Dr. Duong continued with a comprehensive blood test, I was in this office for 2 days and already had a diagnosis something to work with. Dr. Duong found I had parathyroid problem, Hashimoto's. and hyperthyroid. Dr. Duong sent me to the correct Dr. where I had surgery. The steps he has taken has been constant and I've gotten the attention and care to good and happy health. I can tell you how much better I'm feeling. Everyday is an improvement. I have a 4 year old grandson who would constantly ask “Grandma are you going to walk today”. After coming to Dr. Duong after a month and a half in I walked around for 3 hrs. at the zoo. I couldn't even walk to my mailbox. I can walk, I can hike it's changed my life. My stomach is so much better. I don't have headaches. The biggest thing I can say is that I can walk and that the Hashimoto's is getting under control. I'm not tired. I was so fatigue but the energy level is up. I'm just 100% better than I was it changed my life, actually it saved my life. - Mary S. My name is Lou, I had symptoms of trembling and shaking in my arms and legs everyday. I had symptoms of celiac disease and I also had trouble keeping my balance when I walking. I went to my regular doctor and I took multiple expensive tests and they all came back and said nothing was wrong with me and that I was in the median range of all their test, which meant that I was normal. But I still had the symptoms, so I had a second opinion and I took more tests and they still told me the same thing, Then, I met Dr. Duong at a seminar and decided to come and meet him. I was a little skeptical about coming to his office. I did not have any way of checking his background, so I just took a chance and everything worked out fine. I was concerned about what he could do because everybody else said I was okay when I knew I wasn't. So I did start Dr. Duong's treatment and he said immediately he could fix the shaking problem, which was caused by my brain, which did not make sense to me, but I did what he said anyway In just a few days my shaking went away I am improving; I changed my diet to the diet Dr. Duong suggested and he keeps telling me I have more to do, which I do. I am happy that I came here and I do thank Dr. John! - Lou W. Take the first step toward becoming YOU again... By reserving your seat for this event that has changed the lives of so many people just like you. Reservations are required and seating is strictly limited. New Patients only. One guest is Welcome. (Spouse Suggested) Presented by Dr. John Duong, D.PSc., Functional Wellness Practioner. Dr. Duong is a wellness mentor, national speaker. His professional Education includes doctor of chiropractic, functional endocrinology, and clinical nutrition. He is also president and clinical director of his wellness center called Holistic Health Center. 0 7050 Dublin Blvd., Dublin, CA (Tri-Valley) 34261 Fremont Blvd., Fremont (East Bay) Dr. Duong is a licensed provider for Member ■' l 1 Share and provides Services only to members. http://eastbaythyroiddoctor.com/autoimmune Common Symptoms: • Chronic Pain • Digestive Symptoms • Stubborn Weight • Hormone Fluctuations • Joint Pain • Dry or Irritated Skin • Depression • General Inflammation • Brain Fog • Chronic Fatigue
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